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Innovaders develops innovative projects, products and services with the desire to contribute to a sustainable world. The earth is a great miracle, we have to take care of her, she is an inexhaustible source of inspiration!

What we do: sustainable product development, resulting in new products and services for energy saving, renewable energy, sustainable transport and re-use (cradle-to-cradle). Technology and acceptance / communication play an important role in our projects, combined with creativity and entrepreneurship.

Beautiful examples of products are the Wattcher and the Drupple. These products give people good insight into their energy behaviour, helping them to make significant savings.
The Wattcher

The Wattcher is an energy monitor that helps people save electricity. The product is designed by Marcel Wanders, a passionated Dutch designer. The product shows your energy consumption in exact numbers and in a visual way. The display pulses slowly when energy usage is low, and faster when energy usage is high. Compare it to a ticking heart! See


The Druple is a special designed product that helps people save water and energy during showering. It works simple and effective and learns people how much water they are using in the bathroom. The product is privately developed together with a first venture capitalist.
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